1. silzephyrfa:

    I wanted to make gifs of this part but I also wanted to sub it, so it ended up with me making gifs of the subbed part. Ahahaha. -_-;

    Watch the subbed clip at [arashi-moments]

  2. Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire- Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire.

  3. acciobenedictcumberbatch:

    the two cops i know are total assholes and i hate them with all my guts

    i also once got yelled at by a homicide detective

    but y’know, this is pretty damned adorable

  4. "

    When we wake up daily with a full awareness of how powerful God is and how deeply He loves us, the ordinary becomes saturated with life. And it is wild.

    It’s wild because not only do we breathe in and out under this perspective of God’s sovereignty, but we also remember that this incredible God invites us into the enormous story He is writing.