Whenever I listened to a song, I always take note of the bridge part because the bridge always echoes something powerful, encouraging. That’s what i think. When i listened to Forever Reign’s bridge, it always kinda struck a question/reminder to me. What will my heart sing? Sing of my lonely soul? Sing of how unworthy and undeserving i am? Or will my heart choose to sing the name who overcomes, the name whom I bear, the name whom choose to give His life so that I will live? This bridge also reminds me that when my heart sings the name of Jesus, our feelings won’t grab hold of us, our insecurities and fears will not bound us. This same name brings love, faith, hope and freedom to me.

I think the heart is so important. It stores our deepest desire, secrets, yearnings and it’s the raw of our being. When we let harmful things penetrates our heart, it will circulate all these throughout our body, it will wear us down eventually even if we can portray a strong and spiritual front for now. When our heart is not align to God, it’s so deceitful and self-centered. That’s why every single day, I need to remind my heart who owns my heart. It’s Jesus, not vivien.